Teaching Materials Using Contextual Learning Approach to Increase the Student Concept Mastery on Acid and Base in Senior High School

  • Yustina D. Lawung Widya Mandira Catholic University, Kupang
Keywords: Contextual Approach, student learning, critical thinking, acids and bases


In the teaching-learning process of education should be oriented towards critical thinking skills, not only cognitive oriented. Critical thinking is a need for students to be able to solve the problem with success, make decisions and analyze assumptions. One-oriented approach to learning critical thinking skills are the contextual approach. The purpose of this study to determine the feasibility of chemical learning tools with the contextual approach to the subject matter of acids and bases to improve the mastery of concepts and critical thinking skills of high school students. Learning software development using models four-D and tested on students in grade XI Ulul Albab Throughout high school. Developed learning device consists of RPP, Textbook Student, LKS, Concept Mastery Test, and Critical Thinking Skills Test. The design of the device used test is the One Group Pre-test and post-test design.The data were analyzed by descriptive quantitative and qualitative. The findings of the research show that the validity of the learning device developed category feasible, keterlaksanaan RPP category feasible, the student activity increased toward centered learning, students give a student responses categorized very well, all students achieve mastery concept with a score of rapid increase, as well as scores increase critical thinking skills is high. It was concluded that the learning device developed chemical feasible to use in learning the subject matter of acids and bases in high school.