Case Study: Study Program of Information Engineering University, Tribunana Kalabahi)

  • Jon Idrison Molina Information Engineering Program UNTRIB Kalabahi
  • Erna Juniasti Malaikosa Information Engineering Program UNTRIB Kalabahi
Keywords: UML, Academic Information Systems Program, READY, RAD, SQA, Object Oriented Analysis and Design, FGD, ISO 9126


Needs information within educational institutions is very important because the information can be a measuring tool that institution whether successful or not because of the ease of access to information in an educational institution, it can improve the competitiveness of these institutions. Informatics Engineering Program UNTRIB Kalabahi has sought to improve services with good quality of service system, but use of information technology has not been used as effectively as possible because it is still using manual systems to support the academic activities. This research was conducted by preparing models shaped information technology website that can be applied to Information Engineering Program to improve the effectiveness of Academic Information Systems. This type of research is a kind of applied research (appliedresearch).The steps of research: planning requirements, design, construction and implementation. Methods of data collection was done by using Fact Finding Technique is the method of observation, interviews, and literature/literature on samples selectedusing samplingporpusive. Designing the system with the method of object-oriented analysis and design(objectoriented analysis anddesign)using Unified Modeling Language (UML).Testing requirements made by the Focus Group Discussion (FGD) type tests performed on themodel of prototypethe website to determine thequality software appropriatemodel of Software Quality Assurance (SQA) is by using the ISO standard 9126. While system development methodology used in this study is a RAD (Rapid Application Development) or RapidPrototyping.Results from this study is a model prototype of a website Academic Information Systems Program (SIAP) that can be used to help facilitate academic services study program via the Internet media that can show academic information such as class schedules, the data KRS, the data KHS and transcripts of students in the Program Information Engineering University, Tribunal Kalabahi with high performance.