A Study In Northwestern Community Pantar Subdistrict Alor Regency in Alboin Selly (2012)

  • Alboin Selly Tribuana Kalabahi University
Keywords: Childhood School Dropout


The aim of this study is to determine the cause of school-age children dropping out of school in the District Pantar Northwestern the method used in this research is a descriptive method. The aim is to portray the use of this method in what their conditions at the sites. In this case, the researchers sought to portray the state of the causes of school dropouts in the district of North West Pantar. This research data is a whole-school child, parents of school children, teachers, and village heads. The data used in this study amounted to 43 people, divided into four villages in the district of the village Pantar Northwestern Kayang, Lamma Village, Village Allumang And Central Kalondama village. To obtain accurate data in this study we used the descriptive method with reference to research personally predetermined. The technique used to collect the data are the result of observation, questionnaire and interview results and discussion of research shows that children drop out of school in four villages became represents District of Pantar Northwestern caused by the availability of educational institutions and the schools are the main cause, the economic capacity of parents in the education of a second factor while the interest, motivation, perception, a direct result or consequence of the unavailability logical educational institutions and economic factors Kellogg. End of this writing, some of the advice the authors give, namely: Need for mapping of educational problems in these areas by the government before giving birth policy is pleased with the issues of education, Scholarships for school children in remote areas, It is expected the construction of schools, especially junior and senior in District Pantar Northwestern.