Preparing English for Nursing Students Course Based on Need Analysis

  • Jonathan Alexander
Keywords: ESP course, Need analysis, Nursing students, Nurses, Communication


Mastering English is compulsory for every nurse, especially when they serve foreign patients. However, not every nurse has mastered English since not every institute has got English for Specific Purposes (ESP) course. This research aims to explore 30 nursing students’ in Kartini vocational high school learning need by doing study based on Need Analysis that is classified into Target Situation Analysis, Present Situation Analysis, and Learning Situation Analysis. Both quantitative and qualitative methods are used. This research is also supported by other researches which found out that communication is a skill that the nursing students and nurses are weak at. Speaking and Listening are the two most difficult skills for them. By not having ESP course, the nurses and the nursing students feel difficult while interacting with the foreigner since they do not understand about medical vocabularies or they are still weak in English. Consequently, this research may design the right ESP course for the nursing students and nurses. In addition, doing need analysis on nursing students who have got ESP course can be conducted in the future to see the difference of the results.